Need help accessing Proquest Thesis please

Hello, For my current grad thesis I’m trying to access the full text of [this study]( but unfortunately my institution does not give me access to the full text, and there is only a preview available. I can’t find a doi or an isbn unfortunately but its listed in [worldcat]( Is there anyone willing to… Continue reading Need help accessing Proquest Thesis please

Question about 404 errors

I was just wondering if there was any system in place to let people request files to be uploaded. For example, I’m trying to find this paper here: [Sci-Hub | Starvation Diet: Coping With Shrinking Budgets In Publicly Funded Mental Health Services. Health Affairs, 28(3), 667–675 | 10.1377/hlthaff.28.3.667]( but it says 404 not found. Anything… Continue reading Question about 404 errors

looking for ASTM/ISO standards…

Specifically those related to vacuum insulated pannel performance measurements techniques such as [ASTM C1667]( or ISO/DIS 16478.3(en). Kind of hit a dead end right away. Any idea where I can get this info?

Did you miss new papers?

Thanks to activists, Telegram [Nexus Bot]( now has access to the paywall. Access covers around 60% of 2021-2022 articles absent in Sci-Hub. We are still looking for VPN (for access) and VPS (for relays) donors. Feel free to reach me here, in [Twitter]( or in Telegram, links are in the bot bio.

How long to upload?

How long does it usually take before sci-hub uploads a new paper? I have a newly-published paper that is still not on sci-hub.

Overlap between Scimag torrents and Normal torrents on Libgen

Hey all, What is the overlap between **Scimag torrents** (2, link below) and **normal torrents** (1) in Libgen’s torrent dump ? Is there an overlap between the two, eg scimag being a subset of all libgen torrents, or are they complementary ? Would be a big help in helping me decide what next to download… Continue reading Overlap between Scimag torrents and Normal torrents on Libgen

Chrome extension for Scihub

Hi guys, I made a simple chrome based [extension]( that makes it easier to access research papers from Scihub and research work in general. Made it initially for myself, but thought of making it public later. Do check it out and let me know your feedback 🙂