Alexandria Elbakyan about Sci-hub, its ongoing curt cases in India and the publishing business

We talked with Alexandra about the curt case in India, the possibility of a legalization, and what plans she has for the website including AI based search algorithms and more access to metadata. Tune in on: []( ​

SciHub equivalent for Australian standards

Hi, I’m looking for a website to download the following standard and other Australian standards []( Where can I download them?

need access to this drug profile I would be very grateful for a chance to access this document to learn about this drug trial Thank you for your help

Need help accessing Proquest Thesis please

Hello, For my current grad thesis I’m trying to access the full text of [this study]( but unfortunately my institution does not give me access to the full text, and there is only a preview available. I can’t find a doi or an isbn unfortunately but its listed in [worldcat]( Is there anyone willing to… Continue reading Need help accessing Proquest Thesis please