doi links open blank pages in scihub

Hey guys, maybe you can help me, Im trying to search for some nature reviews articles using the doi links in scihub, every time i hit enter it returns a blank page. I thought maybe it was the ad blocker, but i deactivated it and it still doesn’t work. Any ideas?

Unpacking extension doesn’t work

I tried to add the extension for sci-hub and i keep on getting this error. I tried a suggestion to change the Manifest_version to 2, in the manifest.json file. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Scihub shows blank page for this old article , can anyone help me?

[]( the article is from 2019 DOI is []( I tried different [](, different browsers like chrome firefox, tors

Inaccessible pages

For about a month now, I keep landing on the Ошибка: не удалось открыть страницу page, whatever publisher (Springer, Elsevier, De Gruyter, etc.) I try. I’ve tried []( / []( / []( either on Tor and on the usual browsers but to no avail. Does anyone have the same problem ? It seems as if… Continue reading Inaccessible pages

I’m trying to access a paper, but a pacman error page returns?

[]( is the paper ​ [this is the error page.]( What is this, and what steps can I take to access this paper?

Sci Hub does not work with the journals of Cambridge University Press

A week I cannot download any papers from Sci Hub does not work with the journals of Cambridge University Press. Neither 2021 papers nor 2020 old papers are downloaded with the message ” Ошибка: не удалось открыть страницу “. Does anyone know what’s the matter?