Any idea how to download this article?

I’ve tried to download some entries from Sage but it said article not found. Any idea how to download it or to get around the ban?


I nerd to consult this dissertation: Über das morphogenetische Verhalten und die Regenerationsfähigkeit von Vallentinia gabriellae” by Béatrice Auberson, 1979, but I do not have access via institution, how I get it?

Proquest dissertation

Hello! I am trying to get this thesis from proquest: []( ​ but unfortunately I don’t have access via an institution, is there any other way of getting it? ​ Thank you a lot!

Message: “article not found in database” (статья не найдена в базе)

Hello to everyone I ve tried to download a couple of articles (from Journals) but I couldnt do it. Instead this message showed up. Does anybody know, why I cannot download the articles? I have to mention that these articles are not new ones. (article examples : []( ) Thank you in advance!

How illegal is scihub?

Im thinking of writing an article for our school journalism club about recommending scihub. I have some questions regarding its legality: Will writing this article put me and our club in a sticky legal situation? Is it actually illegal to use scihub? Like say someone catches using scihub, do they have any chance at all… Continue reading How illegal is scihub?