SciHub application 2022

[SciHub]( is a new android application to use the sci-hub services in your android phone. You can search with doi or url or also you dowload the pdf file of your search .

Is Sci-Hub at risk due to two-factor authentication?

My university recently switched on mandatory two-factor authentication for all users, and I know from others that this is also quickly happening at many other institutions. Given how the site relies on university credentials, donated or otherwise obtained, it’s obvious this could pose challenges. Do you think this poses a long-term threat to the ability… Continue reading Is Sci-Hub at risk due to two-factor authentication?

Logo changed

Seems like the tip of the key that the raven holds has becoma a hammer and sickle. Are other people seeing this too or is it just me? Edit: im on a mobile and im using the mirror. Looks like it isn’t on the .st, but it can bee seen .ru too?

Forgot VPN

Knocked back by ISP from an educational website because of a court order, for shame. Looking forward to their snotty little automated letter.

Not avaliable on sci hub

Hey is it posible to like request scihub to upload a scientific paper in some form? This one I cannot acces to with my institution 10.3785/j.issn.1008-973X.2014.07.025

i can’t access sci-hub

hello does anyone know the current links for the website none of the site i went to are working thank you