Scihub on IPFS any progress?

Any progress on IPFS migration ideally like libgen.crypto ? Libgen works pretty well. First stage should be put content on IPFS, preferably with 1M block size, —raw-leaves.

proquest thesis Dissertation

Hello! I am currently trying to get this dissertation from 1980 But I don’t have full access, my University doesn’t provide it. Title: THE NEW TRANSCENDENTALISM IN POST-INDUSTRIAL SOCIETY: LIFE STYLES AND THE SEARCH FOR MEANING IN THE NEW AGE YOUNG, GLORIA ANN.  The University of Texas at Austin ProQuest Dissertations Publishing,  1980. 8119409

Introduction to artificial intelligence

Hello, I would like to ask if anyone has found any digital copy of “Introduction to artificial intelligence-Eugene Charniak, Drew McDermott” or if anyone has to suggest any other book or paper that can be used as an introduction for a thesis.