Metadata Constraint

I want to upload papers, but their metadata is not correctly put. I ve got the respective .ris files. How can I merge them in order to have a functional pdf? Thank you!

Script to get articles

Can someone make a script to download new articles ( 2021/2022) if someone can give him his credentials ? i am willing to contribute

does sci-hub provide articles in french?

Hello everyone so i was wondering if sci-hub provides articles in french and from the site technique de l’ingénieur ? Because i tried and there was no findings. Thank you .

The hypocrisy of publishers – Let’s fight against them!

In this post, I’ll share with you something that made me furious. Major publishers claim to be private companies, but that’s not completely true… Previously, I made two posts showing the following: 01 – Elsevier is practicing Cybersquatting: [Reddit Post]( and [WhoIs data]( The registrar says it automatically renews domains. Of course, we believe that… Continue reading The hypocrisy of publishers – Let’s fight against them!

help , sci-hub doesn’t have the requested document

DOI : []( I’m a bit new so could’ve done something wrong would really appreciate it if any1 could find the document for this DOI , if not are there any good alternatives I can try searching from ?