STC API: Interplanetary API for retrieving papers on Python

Hi, it is Ultranymous. We are developing interplanetary storage for scholarly works, [Standard Template Construct]( (STC). Now, we have built programmatic tools to access the STC database through API. This API allows you to perform search queries and retrieve metadata for papers, including recognized full-text content for some of papers. The metadata may also… Continue reading STC API: Interplanetary API for retrieving papers on Python

Two Excellent Podcast Episodes Techdirt Readers Might Like

from the some-other-podcasts dept We’re hard at work on a very cool new project that will be released very soon, so I didn’t have time to record a podcast this week. However, there were two recent (much more well known) podcast episodes that I heard that Techdirt readers might really like. Rather than do longer… Continue reading Two Excellent Podcast Episodes Techdirt Readers Might Like

Upload to Sci-Hub

Im really new into sci-hub. But I’ve this IEEE article provided by my college. So I’d like to get it uploaded to Sci-Hub since it isn’t there alredy. DOI: 10.1109/MC.2022.3227741

Is there a Sci-Hub email bot?

My office blocked Sci-Hub, so I’m looking for other ways to access articles. It would be great if there was some email address where I can send the query in the subject line and a bot replies with the PDF. Does something like this exist?

Supplementary info

Hey everyone, i’ve noticed you can’t download the supplementary info of []( from scihub. Does anyone know where could I download it from? Or could someone download it for me?

Schi-Hub Bot at Telegram

Hello, for those who asked for the Telegram bot, you can find it for the username ### @ scihubot Just enter the DOI and you got the paper :)) ​

Sci-hub bot Telegram down??

Anyone else is having problem with downloading papers at the Telegram bot?? ​

Is the Nexus Bot on Telegram down?

I tried the main one, a backup, and my own backup. None seems to be working. My requests returns : Oops! Something goes wrong and we are trying hard to revive. Please, try a little bit later. [‌]( appreciate any leads as to what might be wrong. Thanks!