Creating a censorship-proof Schi-Hub.

I have been looking at various options regarding this. Each time some court orders a domain blocking, the entire Sci-Hub network remains inaccessible. Our workflows are so integrated with it that it is impossible to stay without it. I have been looking at the discussion on decentralised web.

Going back, here’s the one in 2011 (as domains were being seized):


There’s an interesting discussion here: [](

The most reflective point of view:

***It is very hard to censor distribution of a dataset. Even harder if the dataset is very small (sony keys, dvd-css, etc.)***

I was hoping that we could have some kind of a delivery mechanism so that users could run multiple instances all over the world to avoid the censorship. This project here seems to have been there for long: []( Is there any other way to avoid getting blocked out? Suggestions please! Is there anyone from the Sci_Hub team here?

Edit: Just came across this open source project: [](
Imagine all the content hosted in this medium and hence immune from any blockade for all times to come.