Current State of Affairs/How to donate

Seeing that TIL [Moscow tried to block SciHub]( yesterday, I’ve been trying to use it for a number of research projects that have become cumbersome. It’s amazing how SciHub works even better than trying to use academic portals/proxies for journals and other papers. Furthermore, it is finally time for me to try and give back to a driver in the pursuit of the freedom of speech. I already intentionally disable my adblock software when browsing LG/SH, but I would reasonably like to give back more directly. Are there other ways to contribute, fiscally, et al. other than through Bitcoin? I feel like there are some privacy concerns on my part through that medium, but I don’t know how else to help.


Also, after perusing most of this subreddit, the only TLDs I’ve found that reliably work through my ISP are the .io, .se, and .tw domains. Additionally the gen subdomain also seems to work fairly effectively, but really only for the LG side of the house. Do y’all have any suggestions on how to get scihub to stop forwarding all my requests to Google Scholar?