Dear Scientists Etica a new Initiative for Open Source research needs you and can finance you


I want to inform you about an open source intiative that aims to finance Open source medical research without intellectual property.

Etica is still a small crypto currrency but it has been growing steadily since its begining on 17th april 2022. There are about 75 active miners on Etica right now and the community is growing.

**What is special about Etica is that its tokenomic were especially designed to reward researchers for publishing proposals on the network.**

I know you are not crypto experts, but I encourage you to either: a) analyse the Etica system or b) ask someone on your environment that is crypto expert to analyse the Etica system for you.

As Etica will keep growing the rewards that the protocol can offer will keep increasing. Right now Etica can only offer couple hundred dollars per weeks for rewarding the research, but in few months it could already couple thousands dollars per week and couple millions per week in few years. Etica has even the potentital in its design to one day finance opens source researchers with hundred of millions or billions dollars per week.

That’s why I believe Etica deserves to be taken seriously and analysed by you.

***The first members of a community are very important because they shape the community and give its direction. We need more people with scientifc background***. Etica community is growing fast, there has been a surge of people with crypto background and miners coming in Etica (check the discord). We need more people with scientific background to help us and guide us.

If you’re a professional scientist, student or phd that’s great. You don’t necessarily need to be a professional scientist or a phd to be valuable, if you have a scientific background or you are someone who is from research industry it’s great as well.

**M*****ake*** ***yourself known here, on etica reddit, on discord or pm me.***

Etica official website: [](

whitepaper: [](

Our discord: [](

our reddit: r / etica

We’ll listen to you, we’ll follow your advice, this is a community driven project.

Thank you very much