Help getting access to articles that have only the PMID number (Help me, please :))

Hello everybody. I am a researcher from Brazil (without research funds in a country collapsed in research funds) and I urgently need “old” articles that do not have a DOI (only PMID number). However, when trying to unlock these items by PMID number, I have not been successful. Still, other articles that have a DOI are not being unblocked by Sci-Hub (the message appears that the article was not found). can anybody help me? They are of utmost importance for my PhD thesis. If I need to do “another way” to get access through Sci-Hub (different from the “usual way”), could you please explain to me? The items I need and cannot access are:

– The virus of Ilhéus encephalitis; isolation, serological specificity and transmission (H W LAEMMERT Jr, T P HUGHES) PMID: 20285157 (no have DOI)

– Anti-Virus Antibody Studies Following Induced Infection of Man with West Nile, Ilhéus, and Other Viruses (PMID:13174809) (no have DOI)

– The Virus of Ilhéus Encephalitis Physical Properties, Pathogenicity and Cultivation (J Immunol December 1, 1946, 54 (4) 371-385) PMID: 20278367 (no have DOI)

– West Nile, Ilheus, and Bunyamwera Virus Infections in Man1, 2, 3 – DOI: 10.4269/ajtmh.1951.s1-31.724

– Isolation of Ilhéus Virus from Sabethes Chloropterus Captured in Guatemala in 1956 DOI: 10.4269/ajtmh.1957.6.686


I need several other articles from those same journals (The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene and The Journal of Immunology), both articles from “old dates” and I have not been successful. What is the “secret” for me to be able to unlock these articles? Could someone teach me please? Thank you very much in advance! 🙂