helping college kids get around paywalls?

with learning being remote paywalls have been a huge pain in the ass so im trying to put a zine together about open access databases and getting around paywalls! buuut im a newbie to tor and the anti-paywall work ppl have already been doing so i have some catching up to do. I really only know about zlibrary,scihub and DOAJ bc thats what i found last term. So i’d appreciate any pointers towards other resources/work/etc!

In the end I’d like the zine to cover why paywalls suck, maybe some big names in intellectual freedom work rn, and then resources on how to get around them (sites plus basic how to use tor + tails? but cant rly put in links to onions so…) and also why my schools ‘network key’ is rly invasive and we shouldnt have to download it. itd be distributed to college students probably online somehow bc no one is on campus rn? I’m taking inspo from [Readme’s zine]( However I also dont want to put these resources at risk so maybe this is a stupid idea? lmk! i just want to help me and my peers get our shit done
this is a throwaway btw and ill probably cross post to a few dif subreddits, ill link later