How can I contribute if I have access to some 2021 papers ?

Hello guys,

as a PhD student, I have access to publication catalogs through my institution. I’ve always thought that science should be freely available to anyone so naturally I want scihub and other similar stuff to stay available. I’ve followed the current difficulties from a distance, and I’ve understood that no recent paper (2021, maybe 2020 also ?) are not available on scihub for some reason.

Maybe it’s only temporary due to the current trial (if I get it right), but since I have access to some papers (and only until the end of my PhD so not forever!) I wonder how can I make profit of this privilege to feed the database with missing papers ?

Is there any tools to automatically download with granted access through institution on websites such as IEEE Xplore ? (I could write a python script for that but I guess this would not be that easy since they should have some protection to avoid massive DL). Also any tools or platform to send papers/feed the database ?

Thanks for any tips!