How to use Nexus bots or STC to download the latest articles

It seems that most people who use scihub([no new papers since 2020]( are blissfully unaware about the [Nexus project]( (or are unable to find working bots), which contains everything in the aforementioned sources *and more importantly*, **is able to fetch a majority of the recent papers** (save for a few journals) which were not available previously

**Nexus currently remains as the best alternative**, freely providing almost any recent article within a minute of pasting the DOI (in the format: *10.1234/journal.123456*).

95% of the requests flooding wosonhj and r/Scholar are freely available through Nexus bots (only a relatively handful of articles are unavailable), and time of people who have institutional access would be better spent retrieving articles which are ***NOT*** *freely AVAILABLE through the Nexus* and other sources.

***So I urge you guys to use Nexus as much as possible before asking for articles on request platforms***.

There are 2 ways which you can access an article through Nexus

1. Using the Telegram bots – this is my primary choice as it fetches the articles using realtime institutional access (which may not have been yet uploaded to persistent storage in the website). Telegram Bot names can be found on their [Twitter](, and I am currently using the bot posted [in this tweet]( Their Telegram channel for discussion/news is [here]( Bots might temporarily stop responding/return an error saying “trying to revive”, and from my experiences, it will start working again in 5-10minutes, so try again in a bit if that happens.
2. The [STC website]( – my secondary choice. If you see try a DOI and see this [globe emoji](, it means the article is available to be downloaded. The website doesnt work well on Firefox, but its performance in Chrome is smooth. First time loading the site will anyway take a minute or so.

Sometimes, when a full book is not available with the book DOI on the bot, try the DOI of each chapter on the bot. I find that many books which were otherwise unavailable can be downloaded this way, and you can combine the chapters later to form the complete book.

**I hope this platform becomes the go-to for freely accessing articles for everyone, and hats off to the creator for annihilating the shackles and liberating knowledge.**