IEEE Journal Downloader (GitHub Repo)

**GitHub Repo:** [****](

As an electronics engineering student, IEEE articles tend to make up the bulk of my research for assignments and I like to glance through journal articles for new ideas. Downloading the journal issue’s articles one-by-one via Sci-Hub for safekeeping can be tedious so I created this terminal program which automates this. What the user needs to do is:

1. Copy the journal issue’s IEEE link. Example: [](
2. Specify the link in the program manually or via clipboard
3. Choose either SciHub or LibGen as the download source
4. The program tries to download each article. Free documents are obtained from the IEEE site itself. Locked documents are obtained from the chosen download source. If either method fails, then the document is ignored.
5. The documents are merged and placed in an output folder for convenience. The individual documents are also placed in that output folder.

**Note: The PDF merging process has some bugs and the page order may get mixed up in some cases. Due to time constraints, I may not fix this anytime soon as I’m more interested in the separate documents.**

This is just a weekend project and I’m sharing it here in case someone might find it useful.