Is there anyways to get ride of the side bar, with the references, logo, refresh etc? Would be kinda cool if it was a retractable tab or you was able to minimise it.

I like have my paper on half the screen and word doc. on the other half, when working and reading. But the sidebar has always bugged me because it does go away, thus making the text section really small and skinny. I remember an earlier version that didnt have that, which was much more convenient to have on half the screen. I really like the reference, refresh save etc. super helpful, but its kinda in the ways. I just want to have a little button that I can press (like the new reddit, has that sidebar thing on the left) and its minimised or even just able to drag it smaller.

Just my little rant, but Sci-hub has been amazing for my undergrad and Msc. Just wanna say I’m very happy otherwise.