Not working

I’m having the same issue described in some other posts, when I enter the DOI everything goes blank.

Except the answers in those posts don’t apply in my case. I’m not trying to access a 2020-21 article, the articles I want are YEARS old.

I tried using a proxy, trying different mirrors, etc. but the issue still happens. I’m also sure not all sci-hub mirrors are blocked in my country, when a site is blocked I get a notice and the site won’t load at all, which is not the case here. The main page loads fine, it’s only what comes next that doesn’t.

I’m having this issue with different articles from different sources.

If anyone could shed some light on what is happening that would be great 🙁

Edited: I’ve now tested this with articles I know for a fact used to be available and the results are the same, with the occasional error page telling me to use DOI (I am using it)