Pubmed alternatives that still exist and work?

My friend is a kind of social worker/therapist and she’s going to testify in court and her patient would benefit if she had some contemporary research that she could present to the judge.

I studied psychology and she asked me for help.

I couldn’t find much research on pubmed that would be a good fit.

So I’ve tried searching Google for pubmed alternatives but the results were mostly defunct sites or simply sites with alternative design but still searching pubmed.

And if some psychologist/neurologist/psychiatrist reads this and could help, here’s the story 😀

The mother has been hit by a car at 15 week of pregnancy. Her father died at the site, she was gravely injured but she and the child survived.

She has been permanently injured.
The child has Asperger’s syndrome and other mental and physical health issues.

She wants to find any research that could shed light on the effects of high cortisol levels that were result of the accident and be responsible for some of the child’s health problems.