Researchers’ current capacity to fully leverage all technologies is limited. Open source researchers will fill the gaps


After analysing *subs where a lot of researchers gather* I noticed most researchers still have significant deficiencies with their blockchain skills (***They even endorsed crypto scams like Pulsechain).*** This means ***it is very likely there are other fields that are under estimated and under exploited by current researchers***. I’m not questionning the quality of their work nor their level of expertise in their respective fields. ***But I’m convinced this industry is currently suffering from huge lack of openness and inter-connection between different domains.***

***Why would the researchers’ lack of expertise be limited to blockchain?***

**Beyond blockchain there must be thousands of other specialisations that current researchers are missing due to lack of profile diversification**. By making open source research and connecting people from different domains I’m sure we will revolutionize research.

Personnally in addition to my current background ***I chose to specialize in Quantum and Deep learning.***

***I’m starting as a Beginer/Intermediate Level*** and it will be exciting to see how it will be possible to use these fields for open source research. *Quantum simulation* means it will be possible to simulate molecules and their chemistry from a laptop without having to make actual molecules and experiences in the lab. What will happen when thousands of people will have these operational tools (like *qiskit, cirq, Jupyter, TensorFlow…*) and ***share their results in an open source process*** will completely re-shape the current research system

*It is clear to me that one day there will be new kind of researchers, not working for grants nor intellectual property. Instead they will be sharing their results for a crypto currency.*

Check r / etica for more info about ***Etica***