Telegram bot @libgen_scihub_bot has just started to accept new papers

Hi folkz! Probably you’ve heard about [@libgen_scihub_bot]( in Telegram (it is LibGen + Sci-Hub). Or not. But it is listed in r/libgen as mirror, you could trust me 🙂

I’ve added a feature allowing uploading scientific articles to it.

Just send a PDF with a scientific article to the bot. It will do its best to recognize the article, extract its DOI and retrieve related metadata. In the case of success the article will be stored in temporary storage and served to other users further. If you have an access to important publications don’t hesitate to upload them to the bot.

It is a rather emergent move from my side, I didn’t even plan it to do. Bugz or inconsistencies could emerge during uploading. The whole thing is still under development and I hope I will find a way to mirror all uploaded things to LibGen.

*BR, Super Pirate*

UPD.: Already 18 uploaded articles (and 2 dickpics) that are absent in Sci-Hub for the first 16 hours! Thank you dudes.