The hypocrisy of publishers – Let’s fight against them!

In this post, I’ll share with you something that made me furious. Major publishers claim to be private companies, but that’s not completely true… Previously, I made two posts showing the following:

01 – Elsevier is practicing Cybersquatting: [Reddit Post]( and [WhoIs data]( The registrar says it automatically renews domains. Of course, we believe that (lol). [Facebook post](

[Let’s ask the registrar if they take it seriously… Of course, they don’t!](

02 – Brazilian taxpayers are paying **BILLIONS of BRL** to major publishers; 10 million USD just to AAS. [Reddit post](

Between 2018 and 2022 (up until now) we paid over 150 million USD **just to Elsevier** (That is about 750 million BRL considering 1 USD = 5 BRL). If we do that math with all publishers supported by Brazilian taxpayers, that is over **ONE BILLION BRL (!)** or about 230 million USD in roughly 4 years.

You can verify it by yourself. Just go to the [official website of the Brazilian Government](

Oh! Before I forget, let’s see how much is the [minimum wage here](