The #NoFeeScience manifesto


#climateaction and #openscience… one and the same movement!

#grevepourleclimat et #scienceouverte… même combat !

This initiative was kicked off by a group of early career researchers to allow other scientists to show their support for #openscience, specifically in the context of #climateaction, #marchforscience, etc.

The wider public are constantly being asked, in one form or another, to trust science on the global crises we’re facing, and yet the edifice of science isn’t leading by example by first opening itself to the public at large.

The insult to injury that recently saw Sci-Hub blocked by the French courts is also directly addressed, with Alexandra Elbakyan rightly described as a Robin Hood of knowledge (whereas true #openscience would have no need for Robin Hoods!)

This first version of the manifesto is destined to end up in the French media, so please share far and wide with any French-speaking researchers or professors of science you may know anywhere in the world : [](