Two Excellent Podcast Episodes Techdirt Readers Might Like

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We’re hard at work on a very cool new project that will be released very soon, so I didn’t have time to record a podcast this week. However, there were two recent (much more well known) podcast episodes that I heard that Techdirt readers might really like. Rather than do longer posts about each, I figured I’d just lump them together in this post with a short summary, and if they sound interesting, you should go check them out.
Radiolab recently had a fantastic podcast talking about Sci-Hub and its creator, Alexandra Elbakyan, called “The Library of Alexandra.” We’ve written about Sci-Hub and Elbakyan many times in the past, but there’s often a lot of mystery surrounding her and her rationale for building Sci-Hub. The entire Radiolab episode is fascinating, and includes a reporter actually going to Kaszkhstan and meeting up with Elbakyan. Definitely worth listening to.
This American Life is always very good, but on the latest episode, the second act is Platformer’s Casey Newton interviewing former Twitter trust & safety boss Yoel Roth, talking about some aspects of how trust & safety actually works, what happened with the labeling of Donald Trump’s tweets, and what it was like to head trust & safety for a few weeks after Elon took over. It’s really, really good, and provides a lot of insight into trust & safety issues.
We’ll be back soon with more podcasts episodes. Hopefully next week, but it may be a bit longer.

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