[US] Reminder: use university guest WiFi to get 2021 papers

Hi all, like everyone I support the SciHub/open science mission, and am watching the situation closely.

Just as a reminder to those frustrated about not having access to 2021 papers, if you are near a major university campus they will likely have a guest WiFi network you can use.

There’s a paywalled article published last week that I’ve been wanting; obviously it was not available on SciHub nor other means. I live in BFE in the Southwest U.S., far away from the main campuses of the state universities. Luckily the local community college has a mixed-use campus with small satellite campuses for the state universities, so I made my way to the main buildings for the major universities and connected to their guest WiFi network.

With paywalled article pulled up on my phone, I just refreshed after connecting to the guest network and had complete access. I realize most people here will likely be aware of this, and that it won’t be an option for everyone depending on where you live. Just a friendly reminder for those dealing with “2021 paper anxiety”. I am an independent researcher not affiliated with an institution or business, so I figure if the publishers get to profit off of what our taxes already paid for, I may as well try to realize the same benefit.