White screen on many articles

So I recently found out about Sci-Hub and try to understand how it works, so I just type in “astrophysics” and see what I get. More or less every article/book on the first few pages just gives me a white screen. I’ve seen some posts mentioning that articles in 2021 may do this, but I get a white screen for articles that are pre-2000, and so am unclear of what works and what doesn’t.

I haven’t tried different mirrors (using .se atm), but is that something I should try? or are there other things I need to try?

Just some info, I am using Chrome and it made me download the extension “sci-hub 0.2” if that’s of any use.

Sorry if this has been asked and answered already, I didn’t do a thorough look, but I’ll gladly be referenced to where it is answered and take this post down if it would count as spam. Thanks in advanced

EDIT: I now know it’s not a search engine as I initially thought. I need to look for a specific paper and sci-hub helps me bypass any paywalls along the way getting the specific paper that I’m looking for.