Workaround in getting e-books from Brill Publishing?

I’m trying to get hold of a book from Brill Publishing’s site entitled “Changing Hearts: Performing Jesuit Emotions between Europe, Asia, and the Americas” which is available in e-book format. But I haven’t had any luck trying to get it through Sci-Hub (nor through LibGen). Some books that are available as OpenSource have the Download PDF button which can be freely accessed by anyone. This button isn’t available for others, and they’d usually have “Login via Institution” instead which has an entirely different link. I copy the link of the Download PDF button and try to replace the number of a book that isn’t OpenSource and paste in Sci-Hub, but I just end up on the title’s page. And pasting the DOI link which is []( just leads me to a white blank page. Using the title’s link []( just brings me back to its page.

Having this book would be nice, but I’m not necessarily asking someone to get me a copy. I want to know if there’s a workaround through Brill’s system in obtaining soft copies of their books.