Zotero, extensions.zotero.findPDFs.resolvers, no longer downloading PDFs?

Hi there,

I’m in the US and I’m able to access sci-hub.se just fine to download papers through my browser, but can no longer through Zotero. I’ve been using the following [code](https://medium.com/@gagarine/use-sci-hub-with-zotero-as-a-fall-back-pdf-resolver-cf139eb2cea7) in my config settings for extensions.zotero.findPDFs.resolvers:

“name”:”Sci-Hub”, “method”:”GET”, “url”:”https://sci-hub.se/doi”, “mode”:”html”, “selector”:”#pdf”, “attribute”:”src”, “automatic”:true

However, I’ve noticed in the last few weeks (maybe longer) it’s stopped working. Has anyone else noticed this and have you been able to solve it?


Edit: changing the domain didn’t work.